Exploring Bugs and the Woods

In the last two weeks of class the Crawfish Class explored bugs, mud, ice and then took a field trip to the woods where the bigger kids have class.  

From the Ground Up

Growth was visible everywhere in our fourth session of Crawfish Class. Our Live Oak Grove has sprung to life with wild garlic, wildflowers, and many fuzzy live oak tussock caterpillars. Like the wildflowers in the field, our crawfish kids have blossomed into to much more confident outdoor investigators.     

Taking a cue from the abundance of our fine fuzzy friends we started class with reading Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi. Some Bugs invites children to look closely for little critters, and with that idea as inspiration, we got up close and personal with the forest floor. To invite careful observation of the ground, we presented our continuous canvas piece with paint but no paint brushes! The kids and parents looked to find their own nature painting tools. Turns out spanish moss makes an amazing fire work pattern when printed on canvas!

In our mud area we used giant ice cubes to invite another sensory element to our mud play. Some cubes had interesting nature bits frozen inside them. The melting ice was fascinating to watch as it mixed into the mud.

Our tree climbing has reached new heights quite literally. The Crawfish class has become much more adventurous even on our more wobbly tree branches.


Our last class was en exploration of the Couturie Forest.  This is where the 3-6 yr olds explore the woods, build forts, and hunt for frogs and tadpoles.  We met at the picnic benches at the edge of the forest.  After some group time and activities we travelled over the red bridge and into the forest.  We saw lots of sticks and leaves to add to our buckets.  We finally came to the Pelican Classroom.  They had watercolors, nature crowns, and books to explore.  There was also a pier that is a favorite spot for throwing things into the water.  Thank you for exploring the woods with us and we hope to see you again in the fall!