Parent and Guardian Handbook

Nola Nature School




Our mission is to provide a quality nature focused and play based preschool that promotes an anti-bias awareness in a diverse classroom for all families.

Who We Are

We are a pre-kindergarten program open to children ages 3 through 5. Morning session is held from 8am till Noon. Afternoon session is from 1pm till 5pm. The ratio of teachers to children is 1:6 in the 3-5yr old classrooms.


True knowledge is gained from curiosity and immersion in an idea or action. Curiosity demands that we look beyond the four walls of the classroom and engage directly with our environment. This allows us to connect with something greater, to seek a deeper community with the natural world.  

We seek to provide room for community, exploration, socialization, and inquiry, and to build a place for wonder. By using nature as the third teacher, in the style of Reggio Emilia schools, we promote children to have direct contact with the world around them.  Through the principles of the project approach, we allow the children to take ownership of their learning and create a learn-by-doing environment.

We give children the ability develop an intimate relationship with the bayous and wetlands of southern Louisiana.  We know that early exposure to the beauty of our unique ecosystem will teach students to promote its health and survival, essential skills for their role as its stewards.



Children must be 3 years of age and be toilet-trained by September 1.  No exceptions or adjustment to tuition will be made. To begin the enrollment process, fill out an online application. Within a week we will contact you to set up an in-person meeting with you and your child. If our program seems to be a good fit for your child and family, we will send an enrollment packet and contract. Within two weeks, you must sign and return the contract and a non-refundable deposit of 10% of annual tuition. If we do not receive the enrollment contract back within two weeks, we will offer the slot to another student.  Placement is first come, first served for new students.  

What to Wear

We will be getting dirty, playing in the mud and exploring grassy areas.  Please dress in comfortable clothes that are appropriate for outdoor play.  See our gear list for full details.


NOLA Nature School takes precautions to prevent the spread of illness by maintaining a clean environment, providing substitutes for staff and setting clear limits on the health of children in attendance. To keep all children healthy, we need your cooperation. Please keep your child home when any of the following conditions are present:

• Fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit OR when your child has had a fever the night before (fevers tend to rise as the day progresses)

• Significant respiratory distress

• Diarrhea, vomiting or stomach complaints

• Symptoms of unknown origin, such as a rash

• Cuts or wounds with bleeding or oozing

• Lice or other infestation

• An illness during its contagious stage, such as pink eye

• Your child requires one-on-one care OR more care than staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children in the class.  This policy is for everyone’s benefit.

Recovering children are more likely to pick up a new illness. Keep in mind that we will spend time outdoors daily, so if your child is not well enough to go outside, please keep him or her at home.


Healthy snack will be provided by the school. We will offer a fruit and a protein option. Each class will have a schedule of parent healthy snack days. This is a great opportunity for your child to be involved in choosing and preparing snack. Birthdays and Holidays will be celebrated with a special snack.


(Updated January 1, 2018)