Mud and Mayhem January 21, 2017

We had a fun filled day in our first ever Science Saturday.  The rain came and went in the morning and gave us some wonderful mud puddles.  We made new friends and explored the great outdoors with old friends.  We painted sticks and leaves, read a book about mud, and built houses out of sticks and moss.  We even discovered an opening in the bottom of the tree.  There was much speculation about what lived inside.

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Mud Kitchen

In our mud kitchen the children were busy making cakes and soup with the mud and leaves.  There was a lot of digging and mixing.  In making their creations the children are using different sized containers to fill and stir.  They are gaining an understanding of volume and learning how to change consistency of two different materials.  Luke discovered if he jump into the puddle and with his shovel propelling him forward, he would land with the shovel stuck upright in the mud.  In doing so he gained understanding of velocity and using his body to control it.  Larry and Amelia used clumps of mud and spoons to play an impromptu game of mud baseball.  It was tricky to hit the mud as it tended to break up before nearing the spoon, but if they packed it tightly it stayed together and sometimes made it to the spoon.

• Show an understanding of cause and effect relationships and use this understanding to predict what will happen as a result of an action and to solve simple problems. (4.3)                                   • Use prior knowledge and experiences to generate questions, hypothesize, predict, and draw conclusions about living creatures, objects, materials and changes observed in the environment. (4.4)


Tree Climbing

Climbing very quickly became a favorite activity in our first science class.  The trees in our little part of City Park are perfect for climbing, sitting, swinging, and crawling.  Tree climbing is one of the most important large motor activities children will engage in.  They are working on problem solving, large and fine motor control, and hand eye coordination; all of which are important precursors to learning to read.  They also are gaining confidence in their body awareness and communication skills.  Some of the branches had only one way up and down.  When Fern wanted to climb down she found that Leo was climbing right behind her.  With some prompting from the teacher she informed Leo that she was coming back down the branch.  Leo quickly understood that meant that he had to climb down in order to make way for his friend.

Louisiana Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards

  • Use the whole body for balance and motor control when walking, jumping, throwing and climbing. (4.1)
  • Use the whole body for balance and motor control using objects and equipment for a wide range of physical activities. (4.2)
  • Identify and alert others of potentially hazardous objects, substances, behaviors, and/or situations (that may appear in the child’s environment) with supervision. (4.1)

Finally we here is a clip of what happens when the kids control the camera.  They didn't know it was recording a video.