Spring is Here!

The Pelicans have been very busy in the woods!  Larry thought there might be treasure in our woods and inspired us to take a hike out of our classroom.  We searched the troll bridge and the turtle forest and introduced our new students to our forest classroom.  After finding some snail shells we discussed what a pirate might need to find his treasure after he buries it.  The consensus was that we needed a map of the forest.  We talk about the four cardinal directions each class and always say hello to them at the beginning of the day and goodbye before we go home.  This week we added the term landmarks to our vocabulary.  We took our time noticing different landmarks we could use for our map.  At the end of our second class we sat as a group and drew out the images for our map.  Next week we will add to our treasure and look for a place to bury it.  Hopefully our map will be accurate and we will be able to find it again!  

Class hasn't just been about map making.  We also had some fishing poles to practice our casting.  We are going to continue to practice until we feel we can graduate to real hooks! We are hoping to do this on the last class and have some parent volunteers come out and help monitor the fishing club.

Last but not least, we were able to observe a red eared slider sitting on a log sunning himself.  Miss Karin and Miss Clare spotted a rabbit running into the woods!  Now we know if we are really quiet in the woods we might be able to see it!