to provide a quality nature focused and play based education

that promotes diversity, respect for all things and a curiosity to learn more.



We seek to provide room for community, exploration, socialization, and inquiry, and to build a place for wonder. By using nature as the third teacher, in the style of Reggio Emilia schools, we promote children to have direct contact with the world around them.  Through the principles of the project approach, we allow the children to take ownership of their learning and create a learn-by-doing environment.


Clare Loughran


Founder/ Director

I was born and raised in Maryland. I loved growing up exploring both the Chesapeake Bay and the Appalachian Mountains.  For the past eight years I have been falling in love with the bayous, swamps, and coast of Louisiana. I received a BFA in Photography from The Corcoran College of Art and Design. I received a  M.Ed at Antioch University New England in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Nature Preschools. I love reading, gardening, and hanging out with my three dogs, two cats, and rabbit.



Karin Sandstrand


Teacher/ Science Saturdays


Danielle Lloyd


Parent + Child Class Director and Teacher

Aubrey Keady-Molanphy

Teacher/ Parent + Child Class

Ron Anderson


Teacher/ Science Saturdays

I am a New Orleans native who was raised in Texas, and as a child I had very few experiences outdoors. However, while attending school in California I learned to both relish and wonder at the beauty of nature.  My love for nature continues to deepen and evolve alongside the children as each week we co-encounter new and exciting challenges and surprises.

I received a BA in Psychology from Stanford University.  Outside of NOLA Nature School I can generally be found reading, writing, illustrating, or on a run.

We will be holding Saturday Morning classes in the fall.  Here is a preview of our day...


This is a time for us to gather and say our hellos before we leave for our forest classroom.

Outside Adventure

Once everyone has arrived the teachers and children will venture over the bridge to the forest classroom.   Here the children will use their tools and imaginations to explore, investigate, create and play.

Morning Meeting

This is a chance for the class to come together and discuss some of their findings, sing songs, tell stories. It is during morning meeting that the children will discuss the project and what they would like to explore in small group.


Snack is served family style, a seasonal fruit or vegetable and yogurt or cheese will be offered.  We ask that children come with their own water bottle but we will have water on hand to refill if needed.

Small Group

 During Small Group the class is divided into groups of four. Here the children have an opportunity to work with their teacher to explore the project in more depth.  This is the time when the children’s ideas and creativity rule.  Through Small Group discussion and investigating, an idea for a project will form.  These projects will be student directed. We will record our observations and predictions in our journals as well as working on bigger group projects.


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Fishing for more information?